Isabella Capri’s Fashion Week Footage To Be Shown On TV9 During Melissa Thyden’s Interview Session

Internet Hollywood News – Rhode Island model Isabella Capri is having a wonderful month and nothing has been able to slow this adorable sensation down. We just found out the model will be rocking the runway at the Bull Mansion Fashion Show in Worcester, Massachusetts. The upcoming event will include 4 incredibly talented designers and two project runway designers. Capri will be walking for Unalome Designs and Cosmic Unicornz and will be filming again for Project Runways Nathalia JMag. Cornelius Ortiz  will also be showcasing his new line of clothing. The tickets are currently on sale for everyone to buy so get yours today! (click here)


But that’s not the only thing that’s been heating up In Capri’s career. We also got word that her footage will be played during Melissa Thyden’s interview with Christin Ashkar on TV9. Capri was the amazing eyes behind the camera that filmed Thyden’s awesome collection at RI fashion week. What was even more awesome was the story of how it all happened. Here’s what Capri shared during our conversation.


“First I was filming for Nathalia Jmag at fashion week. There, Melissa asked me last minute for a video. Melissa then tells me she needs the video for TV9 for an interview session. Next I get hit up by Diana (MUA) for a photo gig for a show, she wanted behind the scenes stuff. I show up at her salon and find my mom styling hair, and find out that the models are Melissa’s. I had no idea they were working on the same show until the day. It all just snowballed on me.”

Isn’t that a cool story? I, for one, find this story pretty freaking awesome. Somebody like Isabella Capri deserves all the success that comes with her thriving career. She has an endless amount of talent that deserves the right kind of recognition. Finding young and hungry talent like Capi is really hard time come by.


This gorgeous photo of Isabella Capri was taken by  Julie Smith (@lostintranslationphotography).


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