It Isn’t Just Business, It’s Personal: Photographer William Joseph Takes On Model Jessi Roxanne

jessi 5Will’s exotic collection is only increasing as more pictures surface our front page headlines with new stunning photo shoots. The photographer recently teamed up with model Jessi Roxanne and did what he does best with a camera–execute. The steamy colorful mix with gray-and-black photos to add is enough to draw our minds into an unforgettable fantasy. Whoever thought one flashing click of a button could open our minds deep enough to make us wonder? With William’s unique ability to capture our eyes with a face as beautiful as Jessi’s, it’s no surprise he is currently the #1 male celebrity inside of Internet Hollywood. William will be taking over Internet Hollywood’s 5th magazine issue in April with any model of his choosing. Last year the photographer chose ProjectXPlatinum superstar Carrie Madeline to represent Internet Hollywood in our debuting issue in December. Carrie Madeline is currently one of the biggest females headlining in our universe! The model is expected to rank in the “top 5” biggest Internet Hollywood models chart later this month. Thanks to William, Jessi is one of the latest recruits to be added onto the ProjectXPlatinum roster along-side of 8 other models. The New England model is a New Jersey native that’s very passionate about the idea of becoming a model. Does she have what it takes to make it? Check out some of the amazing photos by clicking the link below!

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