It’s Finally Coming: Internet Hollywood Vega will release his new song ‘No Lie’ within days!!

Internet Hollywood Vega – The recent delay in releasing Internet Hollywood Vega’s first single ‘No Lie’ was announced due to his change in location. Now that he’s situated in his new location he is gearing up for the release of his new single while returning to write news stories and promote other people of talent who deserves the extra support and need it.

Previews of the new song was shared all across Internet Hollywood’s social media platforms in previous weeks leading up to the original date of the release before it was postponed. Internet Hollywood Vega, who goes by the name Vaughka, has been preparing to make his music return for years. In the past he has released music but the date of its recording was not up to date with the time of his release. He assures that is now changing with his ‘Vaughka Series Part 1’ mixtape that he says will include multiple songs, music videos, audio book, and more! The song is set to be released any day now!


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