It’s Official: ‘#Selfie Princess’ Brittany Elizabeth Chosen To Model For Internet Hollywood

britt 1Upcoming Model from Massachusetts by the name of Elizabeth is now making her name known as one of our newest Internet Hollywood celebrities. The talented young superstar isn’t far from taking her steps to the next level by showing off her modeling skills for the world to see. Her adorable smile is worth the while we wait as she takes her time to get back into the modeling mood for future photo shoots. The model immediately capture the attention of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega after he stumbled across her page on a photographer’s social media page. Since then the model has been in multiple conversations with the music artist and now she’s finally make her debut as a celebrity! The incredible things we are lining up for this hot little flaming butterfly will set her wings off on a brand new journey where many awards will follow. She’s incredibly smart, beautiful, talented, down to earth, sweet, and just damn cool. When people find out more about Elizabeth they will notice she is a rear breed that’s hard to find. Her strong state of mind carries a vision that many will consider hard to pursue. Her entrepreneur spirit will shed a greater light inside the minds of those who fail to realize just how important Elizabeth is to Internet Hollywood. She expresses her feelings in solid detail and speaks her minds every time she needs to. What’s not to love about that? Our digital world is a universe with surrounding stars that shine from all over the Internet globe and Brittany has proven she’s one of them. Her determination in making a difference in her life for the better is exactly what we need from a celebrity in Internet Hollywood. We can easily predict that the model will influence a huge amount of future celebrities to take every step wisely when chasing after their dreams. She’s truly a gift to this earth and we are proud to call her one of our own!

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