Iwona Tiger Dominates Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts At #7!

Iwona newwww not editIwona is opening up a hot can of goodies on Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ billboard charts this month. The adorable young superstar has fought her way into the top ranks with some very powerful social media names in the alternative model world. The huge change in this year’s chart is making models speculate whether elder members of ProjectXPlatinum failed to gain enough exposure to clear top 5 over newer models. The facts remain hidden in future weeks to come as our second floor private committee continues to cast their votes. Iwona has patiently waited while quietly bringing the pain with endless photo shoots to keep social media following entertained. She has provided a huge amount of content that’s driven the subconscious mind of dozens of readers over social media platforms, like Facebook. Her love for modeling has gained her enough credibility to be recruited in Prince Vega’s powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement for models. Her journey in our universe has lead her on a dreamy adventure, also making her one of the first models to be considered for Internet Hollywood’s first magazine issue back in December. She has easily cleared the way to make room for a promising career that thrives off potential, bravery, faith, and skill. Who could deny the gift she uses to make the best out of an amazing career? After all, she’s ranked #7 right? It’s unclear how far Iwona will go in this historic battle for #1 on Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ billboard charts, but it’s quite the distance. Iwona’s incredible gift is getting her front page news coverage on all Internet Hollywood platforms, even Internet Hollywood Radio. On the last radio show, the model was shouted out nearly five times within one hour. Iwona is now a leading face in our billboard ranks, and present signs show she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The incredible photo was  edited by an amazing photographer and portraiture artist Jesse N Picard.


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