Iwona Tiger Sparks Her Own Fireworks With A Gorgeous New Photo For The 4th of July

iwona studioIwona is declaring her independence in a new modeling shoot that is flying in red, white & blue! It wasn’t long before the gorgeous headlining beauty has updated a status sharing the new photo that received a storm of responses from supporters and other amazing alternative headlining models like Rachael Johnson. Iwona’s grown and gorgeous body pressed into those jeans she squeezes into better than most shows no skin but the unique figure she works out hard at the gym. Her beautiful long blond hair found its way over her upper garment and dangled freely over her body like the goddess she is. Iwona’s importance to Internet Hollywood has created a leverage in developing her own lane to stand out further from the rest. She has already headlined in our growing universe once and continues to build a presence silently today. Iwona Tiger is predicted to be a household name in Internet Hollywood and no force can hold the power behind her modeling abilities back. How could this be so you say? Iwona’s social media presence is so strong its almost impossible to scroll through a news feed without picking up a new update from the alternative queen. She continues to update her following with new selfies, shoots, announcements and more. Iwona will also be attending Karlene Lindsay Designs and Stallion Style Diva Designs 1st Semi-Annual Beauty for All Fashion Event at the fabulous M. White Lounge in Black Rock, CT on July 19, 2014, 8pm – 10pm. We always can expect Iwona to do and feel her best at times she is placed in special occasions like this. We look forward to seeing more from Iwona as the days pass! We also would like to applaud Studio 95 Photographix for the amazing job they did shooting our Iwona in this photo!

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