J Wolf and Photographer Mike Chaiken sat down with Darrell Fitzgerald to discuss whether female nudity in modeling is bad

Social Media & Video – After getting my daily browse on through the net to search for some real good news  I was tagged by New Hampshire model Greek Goddess who shared a video of something she wanted me to check out. The video was about a show called “Candid Conversations with Darrell Fitzgerald” and it included and upcoming model that I’ve spoken with in the past name J Wolf and a photographer name Mike Chaiken. He is also the Editor of CT Fashion Magazine and Editions Editor of The Observer. I definitely had to click it.


What really caught my interest was the discussion about female nudity in fashion and modeling. Both J Wolf and Mike Chaiken had similar views on the topic and looked at nudity from a more artistic point of view. She also elaborated on the message behind one of her nude shoots she did with Mike Chaiken.

“I was trying to get across self confidence. Loving your body. A lot of people (models) think they need to reach a criteria of being thin, skinny. But you don’t have to be thin and skinny to be beautiful.”

I have to say J Wolf may be a newer model but she did an amazing job in this interview. The same could also be said about Mike Chaiken. You could watch the whole awesome interview with Darrell Fitzgerald by clicking the video below! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment on their Youtube channel!

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