Jackie Lovee gives Internet Hollywood the scoop on her Christmas plans, past holiday experiences, favorite Christmas movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Christmas) – We have finally made it to Christmas and I have so many stories to publish from my friends who didn’t mind sharing their stories with me to add it to our topic of the month on the website. I caught up with aspiring model Jackie Lovee to discuss her plans for Christmas, past holiday experiences, her favorite Christmas movies, and more. I hope you enjoy the small interview!


~*~*Christmas /w Jackie Lovee*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Nance?!! I have been seeing your face a lot in Internet Hollywood lately. You on fire girl! LOL. How has your Christmas planning been going? Where will you be spending it and have you started your shopping yet?


Jackiee: I can honestly say it’s going as plan. This year its just me, my daughter and my best friend with her kids so we decided to spend it at her place. I started Christmas shopping in October so I could get everything she wanted and made sure I wasn’t broke this time of year.


Internet Hollywood: Would you consider yourself a digital shopper now that Internet shopping is so big now or do you still do things the traditional way by going to the stores?


Jackiee: I like doing it the traditional way, just cause I wouldn’t want to order everything and for it to come late, got the wrong size or packages go missing cause I live in the hood you feel me, but its more fun going in the store, it really puts me in the Christmas spirit.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure your daughter has an awesome time with you during the holiday season. Kids are really into Christmas and especially the gifts and love that come with it. What are some of the things your daughter like to get for Christmas and is those things you were interested in when you were younger?


Jackiee: My daughter is really into dolls, LOLs, playdoh and yeah, I had a lot of dolls and still now play with playdoh with her so yeah we lowkey the same person lol.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite Xmas movies to watch, Xmas songs to listen to, and traditional foods to eat?


Jackiee: I like watching all Christmas movies, but How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Grandma Got Hit By A Reindeer, and Polar Express will always be a holiday favorite. We listen to all type of christmas songs. We dont really have traditional food cause we always cook different dishes every year.


Internet Hollywood: What was the coolest thing you ever got for Christmas and now that your older would you say your feelings and thoughts about the holiday changed since you were younger?


Jackiee: The coolest thing I ever got for Christmas was a dark orange jacket from my uncle, It’s so cute and soft. Yeah definitely especially when I stop getting gifts lol but yeah it becomes more about family for me.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Jackiee!




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