Jackiee Love has been cast to play female character ‘Ishianna Stone’ in IH Vega’s new audiobook!

IH News (Vega) – IH Vega has been working on a lot of things as of late and he is now working on a new audiobook. The audiobook is actually apart of a book IH Vega is writing and the decision to work on it now was made to bring more excitement to the Internet Hollywood world with his content included. He recently cast aspiring model Jackie Lovee to play a female by the name of Ishianna Stone in his audiobook series. Ishianna Stone is a twin whose family owns a gigantic real estate firm that’s under threat by a real estate tycoon with a passion to run her family’s empire. Her character makes her appearance in the first episode in season one. At this point, we can not reveal the name of the audiobook, but season one is already in the works and episode 1 will be released this year!





Jackiee: Instagram

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