Jay Ellis Crushes Desiigner’s “Panda” In New Parody Video

panda parody

Jay Ellis, re-imagines Desiigner’s Panda and Tony Montana’s demise for Hollywood (Official Parody). Check out the video below!

Director: Paula Bryant-Ellis
Producers: Jay Ellis and Paula Bryant-Ellis
Co-Producer: Frank Martinelli
DP: Jon Lile
Writers: Jay Ellis and Paula Bryant-Ellis
Editor: Paula Bryant-Ellis
Assistant Editor: Jermaine Spencer
1st AC/Lighting: JB Culp
Original Music: Desiigner- Panda (OFFICIAL SONG) Prod. By: Menace

Special Thanks To: Frank Martinelli
Exotiquerental Inc., Exotic Auto Rentals
Shad Yassini (Gummie Bear Guns)
Nick Perdue (Consultant)
Micha Tatum

Randy Walker
Jasmine Ahnie
Franceli Chapman
Nessa Varez
Brandy Carter
Capri Sampson
Kenneth Spivey
Julius Brown
DaShon Nixon

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