Jayson Diwa To Face-Off With Gusto, Wayne Gordon & S.O.S In ‘Game Of Rap’ Pre-Season

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The countdown is officially on for the Internet Hollywood’s first Game Of Rap Preseason and Jayson Diwa will be one of many rappers to experience it. The Philippine born lyrical artist will start his debut in one of the most historic face-offs documented inside of Internet Hollywood’s  history. The universe will open their eyes to a new underground world of rapping when rappers face-off internationally for the Internet Hollywood rap throne. The ‘Football’ style of promoting will include the committee statistics after reviewing each song entered by the artists themselves. The Preseason will start October 1st and will end when the official season starts on November 1, 2014! The season involving every artists will include them having a record that keeps their wins & losses documented whenever a contest or battle is in progress. The ‘Game Of Rap’ series will keep the momentum that motivates artists to challenge themselves whenever a big opportunity presents itself even with everything on the line. The new energy from the effect modern hip hop have on the culture will restore what we love  inside the Game Of Rap series. Jayson Diwa will have to bring out his lyrical sword and battle in the arena that brings all types of challenges. The features in Internet Hollywood will expand as the brand continues to attract outsiders into our universe. Jayson Diwa will be forced to prepare against his close friend Wayne Gordon while the pressure of the ruthless duo S.O.S takes on C-three and the immortal Gusto in November.


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