Jazmin Luna: The First Model From Connecticut To Make Front Cover In Internet Hollywood Magazine

jazmin 1Model Jazmin Luna has more on her plate than she actually thinks. Her front cover debut is a historic mark that will put Connecticut models on the map for the very first time in Internet Hollywood’s history. Back in November our thirteen floor private committee set aside their differences and pitched in votes in favor of Jazmin Luna being the Face of Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue that is due out later this March. The earlier release date was pushed because of unexpected deaths that occurred in Prince Vega’s family. The magazine is now currently being worked on along-side the ProjectXPlatinum version that is also being released around the 19th. Jazmin has fought her battles wisely and maintained a positive buzz during her time away from photo shoots. Many continue to question the level of influence Jazmin has compared to the elder members involved with ProjectXPlatinum since the very beginning.  Jazmin was selected as a fresh new face for all upcoming models inside of our digital industry. Her leadership will be found useful to thousands of females hoping to break their way into the modeling industry on any level. Jazmin is also seen as the biggest party rocker inside of Internet Hollywood. It’s not hard to find this blossoming brown babe surfing a crowd somewhere shortly after advertising the flier across her Facebook page. She continues to expand her connects and take on all risks with an open mind! Although the model has been rather silent, our committee still feels she’s the perfect selection and that’s not going to change. We are proud to have an amazing model like Jazmin Luna apart of our digital universe!

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