JbTheProducer releases Quise Da God’s new music video titled ‘Run The City’ featuring Tony Priceless

Musicians (Mayhem MusikK)– Independent Connecticut rap artist Quise Da God isn’t done putting in work for his music career this year yet. I just found out the music artist has a new song titled ‘Run The City’ featuring Tony Priceless that was published on JbTheProducer’s page on December 4th. The video has been lighting up the social media world of Facebook with 156 shares already and 1,663 views. This definitely isn’t bad for an independent artist in a two day period.


Quise Da God’s new song carries the street elements that provide a cockier and confident sound where all points are made within the reach of aggressive bars that are more direct than the modern day subliminal artists. The beat is uplifted with a hype flow that echoes the energy of drill type of music that’s known in the southern states. Although one thing is for certain, those who listen to Quise will be able to tell it’s him the moment they hear his voice. It wouldn’t be much of a guessing game since he possesses his own sound.


I took note of the single after seeing it appear across my timeline on my Facebook on December 5th. I checked out the video then pieced together this story the very next day to show my support to the nicely edited video by JbTheProducer that included the pretty cool facial effects that were first seen on The Purge ‘Election Year’ movie. You could check out the music video below!

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