Jessica Camella Gives Us Her Advice On Modeling While In A Serious Relationship

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Jessica Carmella is a growing model with a powerful base to support her absolutely amazing work. She managed to hold strong onto her following while pursuing her career as a growing model in the alternative universe. Jessica Camella is one the newest members recruited into our freelance organization ProjectXPlatinum and we are happy to have her. We recently caught up with our Jessica to get her input on a topic that is really big amongst growing models in the industry today. A lot of models are concerned about the troubles that will follow with their significant other while growing as a model around the world. Many have been forced to make difficult decisions that may imprison their dreams just for the safety of their relationship. Jessica has recently given one of our reporters her advice on the topic and I have to say I agree.

“I think it is important to find a partner who is comfortable with their bf/gf modeling. I’m a big believer that your bf/gf should be your best friend and support what makes you happy. If modeling is that thing then what should they care… At the end of the day as long as you are faithful that is all that should matter.”

Jessica went on to explain her views on modeling while throwing in some advice that may be very helpful to a lot of models that is currently going through the issue now.

“Modeling is just another form of art and should be treated as such. Artists shouldn’t have to hold back there creativity for anyone. My advice to anyone in a relationship with a bf/gf who is jealous of their career or tries to hold them back is that they are not the ones for you. This is because if you’re not doing something you love for the one you love will you ever be truly happy? The answer is no.”

Jessica has made her presence known in the industry. The young beautiful talented model has already appeared in a Hollywood film, magazines, celebrity promo videos, music videos and more. Jessica just recently captured the attention of our very own Prince Vega and was recruited into the freelance organization ProjectXPlatinum!

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