Jessica Xagoraris Tops Internet Hollywood Billboard Charts; Ranked #3 Most Popular Model!

Jessica X NEWThe second floor super committee of thirteen has officially voted model Jessica Xagoraris as the third most popular model in our universe! The international headline of our universe has been under the influence of Jessica’s view points ever since she made her debut on earlier this year. The voting committee opened its polls to a secret count that based their votes on the level of “headline worthy” stories that benefits the models career in a positive way. The headlines rewards the models for their hard efforts in forwarding their steps as a freelance or a professional model. Jessica has earned her position simply by engaging in trending stories following headlines across & at times others remained clueless to the advantage that was in-front of them. Jessica was nicknamed the “gambler” for her way of shaking up our headlining universe by borrowing the energy of other stories to gain more exposure with her unique view points on popular topics. Jessica Xagoraris has headlined in over seven stories and was mentioned in over ten in the course of six months! The committee acknowledges Jessica’s tactic that could easily gain her a position on the Top Ten Billboard Charts every month as-long as she continues to slither by her competitors like she’s been doing for the past couple of months.  Jessica has carried the weight of a champion with no problem while gaining more attention by publicly speaking on things happening in the world. We applaud Jessica for the incredible hard work she’s been doing while staying informed what’s been happening in the Internet Hollywood universe!

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