Jg Hitman, Richakawitness, Jay Burn And Brave To Start Off ‘The League Of Hip Hop’ On June 28th

rap kingPrince Vega – Internet Hollywood’s ‘Iron Throne’ is up for grabs and the journey for the rap king & queen will begin on June 28th. The previous date selected was postponed due to soundboard issues we are hoping to get resolved a few days prior to the show being aired. All songs are submitted and promotion for the showdown is now in full gear and thousands of people will be tuning in as Prince Vega host for the first time in nearly a year.


Two matchups has been announced for the tournament: Jg Hitman (Georgia) vs  Richakawitness (Virginia)  and Jay Burn (New York)  vs Brave (New York). All artist will start off the biggest tournament in Internet Hollywood in the “City Of Suns” which is the permanent name of the date represented in the month of June. The following matchups (on record) will take place in Overview Mountain on July 26th.


All artist music will be played regularly on Internet Hollywood Radio every week before and after the matchups in The League Of Hip Hop. The promotion given to all the artists involved comes at no charge and “on record” means wins and losses will be counted on their record.


How To Join? (If your not too late)

Click the highlighted link below, follow us on Facebook then send us a direct message saying “Rapper 4 Tourney.” DO NOT forget to add links to your Facebook and music. Everyone that is chosen to join will be be sent a message with 1 more step before being mentioned on the front page of Internet Hollywood.

Click Here To Join!

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