Joe Banga sets release date for “1990something2.5™” mixtape to February 9th; reveals the cover art!

Underground Musicians – Hip-hop artist Joe Banga is no stranger to coming up with new ideas. The whole independent music scene in the state of Connecticut seen him push his “1990something” mixtape like it was an album and created a huge buzz in the process. He is now choosing to strike back with another mixtape titled “1990something2.5” that he plans on releasing on February 9th.


I just happened to come across the artwork while browsing through the page of Connecticut artists to piece up a few stories to show my support for their hard work. The mixtape includes dozens of classic album imprinted inside of the number 2.5. He also asked for everyone to share and comment on the cover art and received a handful of shares from his supporters after.


As stated in a past article,  One of his last mix-tapes titled “1990something” included 16 tracks and featured upcoming Connecticut artists Snacks Giggaty, GOLD, HMY, B Steels, Logikil, Lourock, and many more. I look forward to seeing all the details as far as the tracklisting goes in the near future. Collaborations is definitely a classic feature in hip-hop that brings together styles we thought would never pair together before. I’ll keep you all updated!



Joe Banga: InstagramDatPiff

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