Joe Banga Stocks Up On New Cool Merchandise For New Mixtape “1990 Somethin”

Prince Vega – As June 28th approaches Joe Banga has sold an overwhelming amount in merchandise and has more strategic marketing strategies to add to the package. He recently filled the world in on some brand new designs for clothing in support of the new mix-tape hosted by DJ Big Mike & DJ Get It Right.


joe banga designsjoe banga designs 3

Previous reports shows the mix-tape will be published with 16 tracks with features upcoming artists like Snacks Giggaty, GOLD, HMY,B Steels, Logikil, Lourock, and more! Miami Kaos is behind the creative artwork that makes up the cover on his mix-tape. People will also get a $15 gift card to Monster Ink Tattoos.


Banga has made front page news five times in Internet Hollywood for his efforts in pushing himself more to expand his brand. He solidified his rep long before now and has a huge amount of faith in his work to put this much time in one particular project. The timing couldn’t have been any better for a project to be released.  The featured advertisement below gives you all the details you need to stay updated on Joe Bangs and his must have merchandise that has sold out within the last few weeks.


You can also find out more about Joe Banga by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 14th at 8:30 p.m. (est.). The show will be hosted by Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega.  Banga is one of the first three Connecticut artists that’s been published on Internet Hollywood in the past. He also has an unreleased music collaboration with Prince Vega. Be sure to show him support and buy his merchandise. All his advertisement information is posted below!

joe banga 3


joe banga designs 5



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