Joe Miglionico brings photo shoot to Vermont with models Taylor Elizabeth, Beautiful Chaos, Antonia Dufort and Isabel Vinson

Photo Shoots – Massachusetts photographer Joe Miglionico is getting his first publication in Internet Hollywood after nailing an incredible outside shoot with models Isabel Vinson, Taylor Elizabeth, Beautiful Chaos and Antonia Dufort. The picture shows the models striking their poses in a nicely furnished bed with some pretty revealing lingerie on. After seeing a great deal of photos I felt the need to share them to the Internet Hollywood universe. Since we don’t publish nudity here we decided to show some of the less revealing ones.


What really struck me about the theme of this shoot is the overwhelming feeling of nature being the surrounding body. Nature gives us a different sense of feeling that relaxes us with sound and colors. The highest level of art has always been the creation of life itself. I kept this in mind while finding what I like about this photo shoot the most. Seeing these beautiful women work together with Miglionico to pull off the photos I’ve seen was nothing less than perfect in my eyes.


After doing a little digging I found out the idea of the shoot came from Vermont model Isabel Vinson who also brought the bed that you see in the photo. Each model has done photo shoots with Miglionico on numerous occasions. This is definitely not the first time we seen published models work with him. He is a familiar names to a lot of acts that has been published in Internet Hollywood. Each model in this shoot has been published in Internet Hollywood more than once!




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