Joetry Expands Her Power In Internet Hollywood, Joins Prince Vega’s Sales & Marketing Team!

joetryPrince Vega – Model Joetry is now expanding her reach inside of Internet Hollywood farther than what many would expect for one of our newest celebrities. The gorgeous Connecticut model has officially joined Prince Vega & Joey Claris’s music promo team and will fill in one of our sales rep positions to engage in selling goods and services to individual consumers. She is one of three models  that were recruited to the sales team by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega himself.


Joetry is a growing new face that will become familiar to unique readers that visit Internet Hollywood on a daily basis. In this year alone the model has made a huge impact these pass three months with three front page news stories that has swept our headlines. She recently spoke to Internet Hollywood reporters and gave her take on whether she felt the presidential elections were staged her not. Here’s what she said:

“To me a president is merely a voice of supposedly many voices. They are the representation and are expected to make decision for the benefit of the country however, there are moments when answers seem like so simple yet actions are the complete opposite. It is moments like these where one can believe that there is a sense of higher power influencing the actual role of presidency. I look at presidents like teachers or the the principal however the principal reports to someone too.”
The model first captured the attention of our readers after giving some very informal advice to some of our newer models Keyanna Banks and Rubia Banks.
“Advice I would give to new models is at the end of the day every business is about who you know. So networking is key as well as maintaining a good reputation. There has been so many times that people have come to me and didn’t believe I modeled professionally because they have this image of models being these mean uptight individuals who go through intense stuff to maintain their image. That’s not always the case. They should understand why they want to model and keep that purpose constantly. So that they are open to other opportunities that only enhance the purpose. I started modeling to love myself and who I am and no matter what opportunities come my way I will not forget that is why I started modeling and that’s what keeps me humble to want to meet and learn from people that I meet within the industry.”
Many of Internet Hollywood’s second floor private committee believe Joetry will assist Lonnie Alex in opening the door for more beautiful brave African American women that wish to pursue a career in modeling. Alex is quickly becoming one of Internet Hollywood’s fastest growing celebrities with over 10 front page news stories under her belt. Joetry is expected to make a similar impact in future months to come!

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