Joetry Fears Top Models Chart Could Divide Internet Hollywood Models

joetry-8Prince Vega – Joetry just gave our reporters something to think about after speaking on the possible risk of models not working because of the top models chart. Although she praised the creation of the chart and said it will motivate models, she also admitted she felt there would be a risk making it more competitive.

“I do believe that creating such a process will motivate models who are serious about their work to be more proactive,” she said. “I would just feel as though there will be a risk in making it more competitive where models no longer work together.”

Joetry is a five time headlining model that is quickly becoming a powerhouse in Internet Hollywood and no other celebrity is aware of this. She is one out of the three models that were chosen to represent Internet Hollywood as a model and a representative. Within a month time she will become one of the leading faces in Internet Hollywood.


There is also talks that Prince Vega is considering giving Joetry a co-hosting spot on his radio show every Tuesday. At this moment it is unclear how things are being sorted out since it is too early. We will keep you all updated on that. The beautiful featured image of Joetry was taken by Tom And Lisa Photography.



Back in June, one of Joetry’s selfies were ranked #10 on our top selfies chart. She is also one of Internet Hollywood’s newest sources for our readers to receive news directly from her page. You can also hear more about top models chart by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. (est).

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