Judge Rules Meek Mill Violated His Probation For Disobeying Travel Restrictions

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Complex – Meek Mill’s latest legal drama took a turn today when a judge announced that Meek had indeed violated his probation. Meek has been in court the past two weeks for allegedly disobeying his travel restrictions and turning in a fake drug test. Sentencing in the case has been delayed until Feb. 5, though it’s currently unclear what kind of punishment Meek is facing in the matter. Meek testified on his own behalf earlier today, and said that he doesn’t want to be a criminal or a gangsta anymore.

The judge announced that Meek’s travel restrictions are still in place until his next hearing and he’s also not allowed to perform at any event, even if the show is in Philadelphia. “I have the potential to be greater than I am today,” Meek told the court. Last week, Nicki testified for Meek in the courtroom and said that they’re planning to get married and she would help him with his probation. We’ll continue to update when more details are revealed.

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