Just In: Bonnie Gagnon to do makeup for models walking for LLeya P at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show on July 1st!

IH Fashion Show – Catarina Abreu is going to have her hands full this summer and it’s only going to get more warmer when the models she selected heat up the Internet Hollywood universe when they participate in our very first fashion show. News has been flooding all through Internet Hollywood as the names of people involved are revealed to the public and the conversation among everyone’s pairs grow as the date approaches. Yesterday it has been confirmed that makeup artist Bonnie Gagnon will be joining in on the fun at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. Bonnie Gagnon was chosen to be apart of the show months ago and the designer she will be doing her makeup for is Catarina Abreu of LLeya P. Gagnon was one of 10 makeup artist that got added to the lineup after all of their links was submitted to the designers before Catarina came into the picture. Abreu replaced another designer just in the nick of time to get everything she needed to bring the best out of her work. All of her slots are not completely filled. I look forward to seeing them both at the show!



Bonnie Gagnon: Instagram


This news came from our Instagram page (@internethollywood)

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