Just In: C’Michelle chosen by Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs to do her model’s makeup for the IH Fashion Show!

IH Fashion Show – C’Michelle will be putting her makeup skills to work at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st! She was chosen by Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs to assist with preparing the models to look their best and her talent only leaves me to expect the best in the work she is going to do. Keturah was sent a direct link to C’Michelle’s work along with 9 other links that directed her to more makeup artists work before she picked the ones she thought would fit best. Keturah has been keeping herself busy and extremely active with designing clothes and has already completed some for the models that will be walking for her. This will be Keturah’s second Internet Hollywood party appearance and C’Michelle’s first!



C’Michelle: Instagram 1  – Instagram 2


This news came from our Instagram page (@internethollywood)

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