Just In: CT Model Mandii Jean selected to walk for LLeya P. at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show on July 1st!

Just In – So much news is pouring in the Internet Hollywood universe about the Internet Hollywood Fashion Sow you would’ve thought some sort of parade was about to take place. LOL. I have been breaking news throughout the entire month about everyone that is currently involved and the list continues to expand even when I thought it wouldn’t. We just learned from a previous story that Evie C. Louise was recruited to model for Noemi Torres’ brand OM’S WRLD in the show. But this story is to inform you that Connecticut model Mandii Jean will be getting a piece of the action under Catarina Abreu’s brand LLeya P. The model was chosen to walk for Catarina earlier this month and expressed an extreme amount of excitement after being selected. She filled the final slot in Catarina’s line up and was informed the news over messenger. Mandii Jean may be new to the Internet Hollywood party atmosphere but she isn’t to the website. She was published in late February after doing her very first interview with me. I look forward to seeing her in action at the fashion on July 1st!
Photographer: Gregory Geiger (@g3studio95)


Mandii Jean: Instagram – Facebook


This news came from our Instagram page @internethollywood

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