Just In: Eccentric Chic Designs makes final model selection, chooses Empress Dash to walk in the IH Fashion Show!

Empress Dash is having an exciting week in Internet Hollywood after the public learned that she will be hosting the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show at the Naticks Elks Lodge in Natick, Massachusetts. But the public will also learn that that isn’t the only thing Dash has going on in the first day of July. It is now confirmed that Empress Dash will also be walking for Eccentric Chic Designs on the night of the event as well. News recently came out during the weekend that Keturah was on the hunt for one more model and would be closing in on her selection very soon. After being submitted Empress Dash photos, Keturah decided to take her on and add her to the list of models that will walk for her on our historic night. Dash was very excited to hear about the news through messenger and she is in the process of getting in touch with Keturah to check in. This event will be Empress Dash second Internet Hollywood party appearance. Congratulations to Empress Dash!



Dash: Instagram 


This news came from our Instagram page (@internethollywood)

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