Just In: Empress Dash picked by IH Vega to host the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show In Natick, Massachusetts!

IH Fashion Show –  There is an overwhelming amount of announcements pouring in through the Internet Hollywood universe and the names of many talented people involved in the show are being revealed. Today it has been confirmed that a beautiful female from the state of Massachusetts name Empress Dash will be hosting the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and the word is she will not be the only one. Dash has been given the power to select a co-host to assist her during her big moment at the Naticks Elks Lodge on July 1st. Even I don’t know who her selection will be but I’m sure Dash will think hard before making her selection. After she makes a selection the process in developing their roles for the show will take place. Empress Dash made a special appearance at Internet Hollywood’s very first party in April 2017. This will be her second Internet Hollywood party appearance!



Dash: Instagram 


*this post came from our Instagram page (@internethollywood)

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