Just In: Fashion Designer Noemi Torres of OM;S WRLD is on the hunt for 1 more makeup artist for the IH Fashion Show!

IH Fashion Show – Looks like makeup artists have something to really be excited about now that I’m breaking this kind of news in the Internet Hollywood universe! Massachusetts Fashion Designer Noemi Torres of OM;S WRLD is looking for one more makeup artist to fill in her final slot for the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show! The slot just recently became available and will not be for long, so make sure you hop in our DM’s with your links so we could see what you got! A total of 10 makeup artist were selected and divided into groups of two for each designer that also chose 6-7 models each. A total of 98% of all slots are filled and is expected to be completely filled by the ending of this week. So if you’re interested in being a makeup artist for the show send me a DM. Your link will then be sent to Noemi Torres and if she likes it she will choose you.



Noemi Torress: Facebook

Photographer: Joel Pierre


This news came from our Instagram page (@internethollywood)

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