Just In: MUA Katherine gears up makeup supplies for models walking in Eccentric Chic Designs at the IH Fashion Show!

IH Fashion Show – Independent makeup artist Katherine Roux is preparing to put in that work for Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs on their big night at the Natick Elks Lodge on July 1st. She was chosen to be one of the two makeup artists that will assist the Fashion Designer in preparing her models for their walk fo the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. I’ve spoken to Katherine Roux a few times and she was really excited and I could tell she is definitely ready to slay. Earlier news revealed that makeup artist C’Michelle was also chosen by Keturah to assist with the models on the historic night as well. The models that were chosen by Keturah was Devi Moonan, Austin Lee Ielpi, Jenya Morrison, Sugeily Lopez, and Nichole Crowley!


This news came from our Instagram page (@internethollywood)

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