Just In: Photographer Holbrook Garcia Will Be Attending The Internet Hollywood Party In Natick, MA on July 1st!

Just In – I’m REALLY excited to find out this guy is planning on making an appearance at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show this year. I introduce to you the man with the plan, Mr. Hollywood, too cool for school, thedapa don (lol jk), Holbrook Garcia! I spoke with the photographer not too long ago, and he told me he will be making an appearance at our very first party of the year at the Natick Elks Lodge in Natick, Massachusetts. Holbrook is someone I learned a lot from and I appreciate all the knowledge he has given me throughout the year 2017. He put me on game to a lot of important business things when it comes to organizing events, doing lights, crowd control, and other things that everyone needs to know to run a successful show. The last time we spoke he gave me the inside story to his uniqueness when it comes to taking photos. “I certainly pay attention to the fundamentals, but I really try to keep my photography simple,” he said. I want each image to have a clear focal point- I mean the viewer shouldn’t ever have to figure out what I want them to be looking at and the other elements either exist to support that focus, or I just don’t include them. Sometimes I’ll try to do this more through composition, sometimes more through lighting, and sometimes through post as well. You know, I’m one of those people who hate’s pineapple on pizza- too many different things going on! My photography is the same (laughs).” I look forward to hanging out with him again at our upcoming party!

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Holbrook Photography: Facebook  – Instagram



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