Jwolf Opens Up About Connecticut Models, Bad Experiences With Photographers & More!

jwolf 2Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own multi-talented upcoming artist Jwolf is a woman with many talents and a very curious mind that finds a strong interest in establishing herself on a larger scale. During our conversations she struck me as a person willing to take in information to use it for her advantage to expand the best way she can. Her eagerness to learn has made a conversation with her more different from others with less experience who believes they know what they are talking about. She has been giving credit to those who deserve it and we are taking the time out and giving her credit for being the super cool person she is.


Jwolf may do photo shoots but she doesn’t consider herself a model. Everything about who she is is made with many talents that also includes acting, dancing, rapping and singing. During our conversation it was a must I find out more about Jwolf through the eyes and mind of her own.


“Jwolf is a woman who wants to inspire other people to do whatever there heart tells them to do,” she said. “Jwolf is original, different, and creative. She is down to earth and passionate in everything that she wants to do. She is someone who needs to be famous because she gives off a good message. Empowerment. That’s is what I’m all about is empowerment. Jwolf is a visionary and has a lot of good ideas that she wants to give to the world. I have a lot to give that others can relate too. I just want to help people with every form such as modeling, acting, dancing, and music.”

Q: Jwolf dozens of models in Connecticut seem to focus on what other models are doing rather than their own careers. I honestly feel it draws their energy away from what matters the most and that’s establishing themselves and their brand that’ll help them expand. What’s your take on all the tensions happening between models in Connecticut, and what do you think the source is to fixing the problem?


“I honestly don’t focused on what others are doing. I am focused on mastering modeling and getting my brand out there. I do not classify myself as a model but as an artist and I just want to be famous more than anything. I don’t want to be doing what every model I see is doing. I think to fix the problem by every model doing their own thing is dress of competing to see who does it better. Be yourself , that’s what is going to make you noticed in the modeling industry.”

jwolfQ:  Previously before this conversation you expressed how you were really into becoming apart of Internet Hollywood. What makes you want to be apart of our brand, and what do you hope to accomplish and bring to the table if you are selected to be apart of it?


“The professionalism and the advertisement that you (Prince Vega) give to your models. This would be very good For me to be advertised because your company is really Growing and that will help me grow as well. I hope to accomplish being a published model and being more known in the entertainment industry. I will bring originality and determination if I am selected. I will bring something new to the table because there is only one Jwolf.”

Q: One of the most biggest problems when it comes to be an upcoming model is scam artists. A wide majority of models coming up has in some way experienced a moment that either made them discouraged, robbed, or even was put in a position where they were taken advantage of in other ways. Have you ever had one of those kind of experiences? If so how do you protect yourself from it now, and what’s your advice to other upcoming models so they don’t have to go through it?


“The hardest part is trusting photographers. Many photographers are older mean that I’ve worked with thus far. I’ve dealt with many photographers that try to pressure me to a different style of modeling that I do not want to do. I’ve also had a photographer recently say sexual comments to me and when I didn’t want him to post certain pics of me because I didn’t approve he deleted my pictures and refused to give me my pictures which violated the agreement. I have been treated poorly by photographers. My advice I would give to other models is never go to shoots by yourself and have some type of management so the photographer had to go through them first.”

This article marks Jwolf debuting headline inside of Internet Hollywood. If all vibes remain positive you will continue to hear more about her through Internet Hollywood in upcoming weeks. So has also been very active in the world of social media which would benefit her career in the long run when she focuses on keeping her fans active of all her latest updates.

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