Kaillee Vega Co-Signs Top Models Chart: “It Will Motivate Internet Hollywood’s Team As A Whole”


Dozens of Prince Vega’s Internet Hollywood models are weighing in on the popular top models chart that has been the talk of Internet Hollywood since the beginning of this month. So far the names of four top models has been revealed and rumors are piling on the question “Who is the #1 model?”


Our latest poll results showed 68% favored the idea that Internet Hollywood supermodel Tygeria was going to be #1 on our top models chart. She is a top leading model that is also featured on the cover of our next magazine coming out in the beginning of October. Among all the stories are complaints from a very few models that felt the chart would divide models competing with each other.


kaillee-images-2Our gorgeous new Internet Hollywood Model & Prince Vega University enrollee Kaillee Vega had a few things to say when our reporters asked for her thoughts on the matter. She felt that the idea of a chart was motivational for the models and the entire Internet Hollywood team.


“I definitely believe it will motivate models because it will make them want to try their hardest and work to their best potential,” she said. “These top models will also have younger and newer models looking up to them so they’ll want to be at their best as well! It will motivate Internet Hollywood’s team as a whole to have their models to keep striving to make it to the top! I think it just helps us that aren’t known yet to see the possibilities and to never give up!”

Kaillee Vega is beautiful independent model that has captured our attention with her heartwarming smile and positive energy. She has a very curious personality that makes her an extremely fun person to share a conversation with. The talented Massachusetts sweetheart has a huge glow that we predict will grow on all of our readers as they get to know this


The stunning pictures of Kaillee Vega was taken by JWJ Photography!  You could also learn more about our top models by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page on September 13, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. (est).


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