Kanye West New Album ‘TLOP’ Saving TIDAL, Gets Streaming Website 1.5 Million New Subscriptions!!

kanye new 1

Prince Vega – Haters continue to accept the fact Kanye West continues to achieve more success in spite of all their crying about how “mentally ill” he is because the media brainwashed them into believing that. Every artist should be happy that an artist at his level of fame is putting his career at risk by speaking how he feels regardless of who likes it or not. Anyways, according to TMZ, Kanye West new album was streamed over two million times in less than two weeks! They claimed the success of the album was so good they are even planning on releasing a physical copy of it. I’m sure this is exciting news for Yeezy fans. According to TIDAL, since the release of his album their membership doubled with a total of 1.5 million subscribers!

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