Karissa Anne, Lex Yian, Isabel Vinson, Emma Katherine, Taylor Elizabeth, Austin Lee Ielpi, Syd Ney, Joshua Gabriel, Violet Bastet, Melissa Morris and Anafia Rose invades the Internet Hollywood Party

Internet Hollywood Party – This is perhaps – in my opinion – one of the top three best moments of the Internet Hollywood gathering at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment on August 19th. Minus the incredibly hot theater and one hour delay for the casting call, it’s moments like this that brings the best out of our emotions when memorizing what took place as we begin to look back while moving forward to the future.


I would also like to thank Raven Macabre Photography for giving us his time and creative effort to capture all these amazing people in one photo. I’m not entirely sure when this picture took place during the event but I definitely wish I was there to see it. I first noticed the photo the next day floating across my news feed on Facebook during my hunt for photos for the party. I also got the inside scoop from Isabel Vinson that told me Raven Macabre was the man behind the camera.


Seeing models Karissa Anne (far left), Lex Yian (second after Karissa), Emma Katherine (Vinson’s left side), Syd Ney (Austin Lee Ielpi’s left side), Joshua Gabriel and Violet Bastet (far right) at their first Internet Hollywood party really fueled the emotion that made me feel proud about what I do. Newer faces with talent shows me that I’m doing a good job expanding Internet Hollywood for every talent that I strongly feel deserves it. I had fun meeting everyone of them and I look forward to writing on them in the future.


This also goes for familiar names to our readers like Isabel Vinson, Taylor Elizabeth, Melissa Morris, Austin Lee Ielpi, Anafia Rose and Raven Macabre. This was their second Internet Hollywood Party appearance and I’m truly grateful to share an evening with them since it’s publicly known that I’m a fan of a lot of their work. A simple search through our engine will pretty much show you that. I’m positive more stories will follow over the weekend.


I sure hope to see all of these amazing people at Internet Hollywood’s first fashion runway show with Kylan Harmony in November. Kylan Harmony founder Prettiiee Jerez felt the decision would be best to push the date back. There may also be talks of combining my birthday bash with the fashion runway show. We will just have to wait and see!


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