Karizma Discusses Discrimination Against Black Women In The Entertainment Business

kari 2Prince Vega – Upcoming Connecticut model Karizma is an educated college sweetheart who’s very passionate about acting and fashion. After being talked out of her shell by a photographer she proceeded to grow a new passion for a new hobby ~ modeling. Although she’s just getting her feet wet with new modeling shoots from local photographers, she continues to physically express herself better than a lot of newer models. She continues to challenge her comfort zone and take on more revealing photos with photographers and even by herself. How impressive is that?


With such a cool vibe to her personality it was only right to dig into her views on certain things in life that remains controversial to this day. During our discussion we touched down on the idea of black woman bleaching their skin to become more appealing to the general public. After asking Karizma does she feel  the television is degrading black women and teaching them to hate themselves in some way, here’s what she said:


“I wouldn’t say degraded, but I do think it goes well beyond television. We live in country that was systematically built on racism. Having a preference for lighter skin and fairer have has always been played up in the world. I do feel as though incorporating a larger representation of women of color who may be of a darker complexion is a very important change that needs to occur. Skin is just a matter of melanin. A matter of genetics. It has nothing to do with your value as a person. Nothing to do with your level of talent and certainly nothing to do with where you’re going to go in life. A way to change the way in which women feel about their beauty is simply to keep pushing. To keep fighting to get past boundaries. One of my favorite actress’s is Viola Davis. She is an amazing woman who is constantly fighting to open the narratives for women of color. She’s a prime example of what can be accomplished if you are able to continue the fight for what you love. You’re going to fall down sometimes, but if you are able to work everyday and learn to accept your natural beauty you can get to where you want to go.”

kari 3She also gave her thoughts on why she felt it was hard for Americans to accept the fact that there is a high possibility that the system was built on white supremacy.

“I think that’s something no one wants to hear. People don’t like that hear that they don’t belong or that people don’t want them around. You know I think concepts like that are just one of those hard things that balances between human conditions such as the need to loved and more fearful qualities such as hatred.”

She also didn’t mind taking her time to give advice to a woman that’s interested in modeling but didn’t know where start. She insisted that all females just go for it and love it.

“I guess I would say just go for it. Do what you love and love what you do. I’m still exploring modeling, but my favorite piece of advice that I got when I first started acting was “Never be selfish” and I think the same goes for modeling….for any art. It’s never about you. It’s about the other people in the room.”

Karizma may be an unfamiliar face to our readers but time will determine how well she performs on our headlines in the future. We could only Karizma stays motivated and engage in photo shoots to keep our reporters on her networking trail to see how hungry she wants it. We also would love to credit  the very talented photographer Michael Barnett from Charter Oak Collaborative LLC. for taken these absolutely adorable pictures of Karizma!

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