Karlene Lindsay reveals that shes working on her spring/summer bridal collection, discusses her influences, selecting models for her designs and more!

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut fashion designer Karlene Lindsay gave us all the information we needed in an interview we wrapped up sometime last month. I had got in contact with the designer and asked her if she would like to be interviewed by us and she said yes. Afterwards, I sent her a couple questions to answers and she kindly answered every one of them. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Karlene Lindsay*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good afternoon Karlene! We are finally touching down on our very first interview for InternetHollywood.com. I’m definitely excited to interview you because I know how much of a hard worker you are. What inspired you to get involved with designing and who were your influences?


Lindsay: I started sewing at age 9. My parents didn’t have much, they worked hard to get food for us, but there wasn’t money for us to get new clothes all the time. I was a middle child with two older sisters so I would get hang me down from them. I started cutting up my mom’s old curtains and ripped up sheets sewing clothes for myself with needle and thread. My mom said at 9 I was too young to use the sewing machine. After that I did sewing classes in every school I went to ever since.


           ~Dress by Karlene Lindsay Designs~

Internet Hollywood: Designing dresses looks like it could be very time-consuming. How much time do you put into designing one dress?


Lindsay: Designing dresses is time-consuming. Time depends on what I am doing. Some dresses could take hours some weeks to complete. Wedding dresses take two to six weeks to complete. There is also the time spent fabric shopping for quality and price. Connecticut doesn’t have a lot of fabric stores so I am forced to buy online or in the city.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever gone through a designers block and couldn’t design anything for a while?


Lindsay: All designers go through a designers block, I have a few times. Sometimes I let the fabric speaks to me.


Internet Hollywood: How do you go about selecting models to walk in your designs?


Lindsay: My garments are all different. The selection of models depends on the style or shape of the dress. Models are selected based on a specific size, or look when selecting for photoshoots. However, at fashion shows, there are not wide options to choose from. I have to match up outfits based on size mostly.


Internet Hollywood: When you see your collection on the runway what thoughts go through your mind and how do you emotionally feel?


         ~Karlene Lindsay Designs~

Lindsay: I have done so many fashion shows for the past five years in business, so seeing my collection on the runway is an everyday kind of thing. I love seeing the different styles and sizes of my collection on the runway. Keep in mind the different genders involved too in my collection. I feel good and proud seeing my collection on the runway.


Internet Hollywood: What is your ultimate goal when it comes to designing?


Lindsay: My ultimate goal is to come up with a new look, something different, sexy and fits perfectly to the body type or gender I am aiming for.


Internet Hollywood: Are you working on anything now?


Lindsay: Currently, I am working on my Spring/Summer bridal collection for 2018 and getting my designs into bridal stores throughout the country.


Internet Hollywood: Currently, I am working on my Spring/Summer bridal collection for 2018 and getting my designs into bridal stores throughout the country.


Lindsay: I want the world to see me and designs as an artist from Jamaica reaching the highest level as a Fashion Designer. A world has known fashion designer that caters to all sizes.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview. Keep up the great work!



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Dress by Karlene Lindsay Designs
Dress by Karlene Lindsay Designs

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