Kayla Kohla Discuss Her Future In Five Years, A Model’s Down Fall, The Internet Hollywood Party & More

Upcoming – Model Kayla Kohla is so fabulous that I just had to make sure I get this article out as soon as I had the time to. The Rhode Island sensation revealed to us earlier last month that she was going to make an appearance at the Internet Hollywood party in March. She may be a new face in Internet Hollywood but she is known by a lot of our sensations who’ve known her longer than we have.


Kohla was added to Internet Hollywood’s list of sensations last month when Internet Hollywood opened its doors to over 100 new sensations after Arlene Diaries ended in February, our most important month of the year.


We recently caught up with the model to touchdown on a few things since the party is only weeks away. We discussed her career vision for the future in the next five years, Internet Hollywood’s upcoming party and more.



Internet Hollywood: Hey Kayla Kohla! We are super excited to have such an amazing model like you apart of Internet Hollywood and we look forward to publishing news stories about you in the future. How is everything? Are you excited about the party?


Kohla: Hey! Well, thank you–I’m certainly happy to have the invite! Everything has been going really well. Things have been pretty busy, but I’ve always been really good at making sure that I always stay balanced. So I’m just riding the wave and taking everything one moment at a time. Yes! I’m definitely very excited! It’ll be a fun time to really have the opportunity to relax, have a nice night out and also meet some really great people who share my dreams.


Internet Hollywood: Many people have been recommending food and beverages to get for the Internet Hollywood party. What are some of your recommendations?


Kohla: I mean, you’ve listed some of my favorite foods already! I love pasta and mac and cheese and rice! It sounds good the way it is already–if I had to add a recommendation however–Maybe a chicken dish or steak dish or something? I know there will be fried chicken already, but I was thinking if there were people there who wanted some meat that wasn’t fried? That gives a few more options. Either way, I think it sounds good the way it is and I was having to pick my brain to think of something!


Internet Hollywood: Those are some very good recommendations. I also felt the need to get your thoughts on something really quick. How important is it to connect with others to succeed in your dream goal?


Kohla: “I mean, I believe that its important to build meaningful connections in everything you do. When people come together, we can help and support one another–and you never know who might have a big impact on your life in general –OR if you might end up having a big impact on theirs. That aside, I’m generally a people-person, so I like making friends. I have friends and family I’ve known for years and years (particularly my best friend/sister) who have had such a huge supportive influence on my goals–I wouldn’t be here without them. And then there are people who, if I think about it, have just walked into my life fairly recently, but now i feel like I’ve known them forever. You never know who is going to play a central role in your life’s movie, so I try never to turn down an opportunity to meet and connect with others. You can never have too many friends in your corner.”


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is a model’s down fall? What should she never do?
Kohla: Hmmmm. That’s a heavy question. There are tons of things that i think a model should “never do” in practice–certain errors in posing choice, wearing something that pulls overhead when shes getting her makeup done, wrong ways of walking etc–but those are more tricks of the trade–You learn them in experience and with time. Often from making your own mistakes or from learning from others in the business who have been at it longer. If I were to pick out the one global thing a model should never do, I would focus more on her internal mindset: A model should NEVER ever compromise her own beliefs, comfort level or values for a job, client, or other pressure. I have had tons of younger people ask me “who should be a model?” and I feel like they expect me to say something like “girls who look like ____” or, to go another way, the more inclusive “everyone!” But I don’t think thats true. I think that someone should be a model when he or she has a very strong sense of who they are and are comfortable and confident enough in that person to be able to defend themselves in a high pressured situation. And that is something everyone can work on–ANYONE can get themselves to that point–but they should make sure they’re there before they start trying to jump in the business. I cannot count how many times I’ve been put in situations throughout my career where Ive been pressured situations to do things that I just didn’t feel right doing–You have to be able to say “no” when its important. And then, after you say “no” you have to be able to be strong enough to not allow yourself to be hurt by any retaliation that might be thrown your way for saying that. Because believe me, some people can turn a switch quickly when you don’t give them what they want. You need to be secure enough to know who you are without someone telling you for you. Too many models make that mistake–they let others define them, and then they end up losing themselves in the process. No job or photo is ever worth that.
Internet Hollywood: That’s some very good advice. If your not where you want to be in modeling in two-years do you push forward or go to your option b? If there is an option b could we all know what it is?
Khola: Well, for me, Ive already gone much farther with my career than I ever imagined I would in such a short period of time, and I’m grateful every day to have been able to have the opportunities and experiences that I have-I do set goals for myself every year but they’re more for my personal growth than anything else. If I don’t hit them this year than maybe next year. I don’t set hard fast goals because i have no idea what the future holds for me and i try to take things moment by moment and just appreciate what experiences i have had the opportunity to have. As far as I’m concerned, these dreams have already come true at this point and now its about just enjoying it all and making the most of it while it lasts. In time, I hope to transition more to acting–but continue to model as well.
Internet Hollywood: Is it hard to see where you are in the future from where you are now? Where do you see yourself in five years?
Kohla: Hmm… It is definitely hard. Career-wise Only time will tell. Ill be 30 in 5 years so Ill definitely be older, but I’ve always looked young for my age so I like to think that ill still be modeling. Some people say that it pretty much ends when you’re older, but Its all in the look and how you handle your craft. I know lots of amazing models in their 30s who are still going strong. Hopefully Ill be one of them. Haha. Ill have had more years between now and then to soak in many more experiences and memories too–I’m definitely going to keep up this trajectory for as long as I can if i can help it. I also like to think that the acting portion of my career will be very well developed by then and I hope to be doing much more of that. I guess only time will tell for anything though–I never know what can happen.
Internet Hollywood: Is there anything you’d like to share with the Internet Hollywood universe before we end this interview?
Kohla: I’d like to encourage everyone to keep an eye on my social media! There’s a lottt coming up and I cant wait to share it all with you in these next few months!
~*~*The End*~*~
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