Kayla Koyla sits down with Harrison Young for a one hour interview, talks Internet Hollywood, modeling, acting and more

Social Media & Video – Those who know Kayla Kohla knows she knows how to carry a conversation and she did it so well in her latest interview with Harrison Young. I recently found out the video from the interview was available when the model messaged me the direct link to the interview on Thursday morning. She also told me that somewhere in the interview she brings up Internet Hollywood and she would like for me to hear it. I immediately clicked on the video and watch the entire thing.


The hour-long interview goes beyond the modeling life of Koyla and is filled with dozens of interesting questions that will certainly catch the viewers attentions. I learned a huge amount of things about Kohla because of Young’s awesome questions. I learned about her experience in film projects and the beginning stages of her career and her past experience when she signed with an agency.


Around 24 minutes into the interview she begins to talk about her appearance at the Internet Hollywood party. She did her best to explain what Internet Hollywood was to Harrison and filled him on everything he needed to know. You could watch the entire interview below!



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