Keturah reveals a secret about her fashion collection for the IH Party: “This collection has been inspired by NASCAR racing”

(IH Live Access) – Independent Connecticut model Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs has had her hands full all month and by the looks of it it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. I had the great pleasure of chopping things with her about Internet Hollywood’s first ever fashion show that is expected to take place at the Natick Elks lodge in Natick, Massachusetts.


We discussed her model selections, the message she wants to send, models being worried, and more. She also revealed a very big secret about her collection she will be showing off for the show. Check out the short interview!



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Internet Hollywood: Hey Keturah! The countdown is on before the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and I know your hands have been very full since your one of the talented designers that will be showing off your collection. The talk has been only increasing as more stories about the event have been coming out. How are you? Are you excited to be showing off your collection at the event?


Keturah: I’m great! I’ve been busy working on some projects and collaborations that have yet to be revealed. I’m super excited about Internet Hollywood’s upcoming showcase. I was very inspired for this collection.


Internet Hollywood: You have a pretty awesome lineup that will be walking in your collection on the night of the show. Those names include; Devi Moonan, Austin Lee Ielpi, Jenya Morrison, Sugeily Lopez, Nikki Doll Face and Empress Dash. Of course, those names were switched up for quite a bit but we managed to get it under control for now. What made you comfortable with the lineup you have now and what made you feel like they were a good fit for your clothing?


Keturah: I picked each model based on their unique looks. I also looked at some profiles to see if their image fit my brand and the message I want to send. I pretty happened with the models selected.


Internet Hollywood: Now I know a lot of designers don’t like to clue people in on their designs before the show but I can’t help but be nosey about this. Care to give us some idea of what you will be showing in your collection or do we have to wait and see?


Keturah: What I can tell you is that this collection has been inspired by NASCAR racing. 😉


Internet Hollywood: What made you want to be one of the designers for this event and what kind of message are you trying to send to everyone that sees your collection that night?


Keturah:  I love the stories Internet Hollywood puts out including ones I’ve been interviewed for. Plus the opportunity to showcase my designs is always welcome. The message I want to get across with my collection for this showcase is fast-paced, fashion-forward, edgy and cool.


Internet Hollywood: A few of the models involved confessed that they were nervous about the event. For a person that’s worked with countless models and did events like this in the past, what kind of advice could you give them that could maybe ease those worries a bit for them?


Keturah: Honestly, the best advice I could give models would be to practice at home or in front of friends. Think about the brand and what attitude they want you to convey and include that in your walk. The night of the show you can just worry about having fun with it!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Keturah. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve at the show!


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