Kiss Of Death: Kristle Brings Her Modeling Career To ✮Superstardom✮ In Internet Hollywood

kris fullPrince Vega – Kristle is officially making her debut as one of Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrities. The exciting news is now making front page headlines after the model pulled in 9 out of 13 votes from out private committee, guaranteeing her superstar status. The gorgeous Connecticut model was recruited by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega after he discovered her pictures during a contest. After sharing a small conversation with Kristle he immediately submitted her photos to our representatives for review.


Kiss’s debut can mean a lot to females dreaming of turning their normal lives into fame for doing something they love. The challenge remains high for those wondering “why” things aren’t working out in their favor. Kristle’s energy will be enough to influence younger models to take on an opportunity as soon as it presents itself. After all, she’s now officially an Internet Hollywood celebrity right?


Although our top model charts for previous months are finally wrapping up, Kristle may very well have a slight advantage before the charts update next month. She’s fresh, young, talented, beautiful, and socially active. This could mean a lot for a female that wishes to expand her career beyond the limitations that comes with one particular goal. We’ve learned that when Internet Hollywood model Carrie Madeline ranked #10 on our billboard charts two months after debuting. The historic moment changed the way all models and readers looked at the billboard charts from a celebrity stand point.


Kiss’s passion will grab the heart of readers that’s eager to learn more about who she is – and they won’t be disappointed. Her positive attitude is a vibe no model should refuse to hide whenever they want to become successful. It takes a lot for a female to come out of their shell to pursue modeling and become the voice everyone wants in a celebrity. We are happy that Kristle is one of the very few to take on the challenge as herself, regardless of who likes it or not! The stunning photo of Kristle was took by an amazing photographer by the name of David Brazier.



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