Kris Teena is ready for her third Internet Hollywood Party appearance: “I am super excited”

(IH Live Access) – Independent model Kris Teena is more than ready to make her third Internet Hollywood party appearance and she’s telling us exactly how she feels before her big day approaches. Kris Teena was chosen to be one of the models inside of the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show to represent Noemi Torres’ brand OM;S WRLD. She was also one of the models that participated in the audition in August 2017. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kris Teena about her big day over messenger and I got the inside scoop on what she was thinking, who she’d want to hang out with, what went through her mind in the past audition and a little more. I hope you enjoy reading the short interview!



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Internet Hollywood: What’s good Kris Teena?! That time is finally back again before we both make our third Internet Hollywood party appearance. How excited are you about it and how does it feel to be chosen to be in the fashion show?


Kris Teena: I am super excited. I had planned on just being an attendee until you messaged me to tell me I was in the fashion show. I am like beyond humbled that I was asked and was grateful for the chance to try out at the last party.


Internet Hollywood: You have seen different and familiar faces in both party appearances and a couple of models could say the same when it comes to our events. Who are some of the people attending this event that you are happy to hang out with?


Kris Teena: Well ill kind of butterfly my way around so I get to see everyone. I stick kind of to the Springfield group but there is plenty of me to go around.


Internet Hollywood: You were also involved in the audition at the Parkade Cinemas in August 2017. One thing I could also credit you for is motivating other models during their walk as well. What was the feeling like being in the fashion show and did you ever thought that you would be selected?


Kris Teena: I was just like let me try it just once see what happens. I cannot lie I kind of was goofing a little while walking just cuz that’s who I am, playful goofy Kris. I actually thought my walk at the audition blew chunks, so I’m like well…I gave it my shot, let’s see what happens ya know?


Internet Hollywood: Do you have any worries about this show as gets closer and are you doing wardrobe shopping for it?


Kris Teena: I’m nervous about doing OM;S WRLD clothing line justice and kind of making their vision come to life for them. I’m not sure yet what I’ll wear. lol, whoops! Always late with this stuff always, damn it.


Internet Hollywood: What is your main goal for this event and what kind of message are you trying to send to everyone else that will be attending?


Kris Teena:  My main goal is to just be focused, have fun do as I am asked, socialize, make more connections for future shoots, and just having fun overall showing support any way I can.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Kris Teena! I look forward to seeing you again!


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