Krystal LaReign #1 Female Rapper From Connecticut Getting Spins On Internet Hollywood Radio


Prince Vega – Among female rappers in the entire Connecticut – Krystal LaReign is currently the #1 female rapper getting spins on Internet Hollywood Radio. The lyrical femcee showed off her creative flow that blown holes through our radio circuits after the release of her music video ‘Mad Huh‘.

“I Ignored your call, what the **** you gone text fo?/better den your ex, your present, and your next hoe//”

“You don’t wanna test my skills/can never interfere with the cash or the money that pay my bills//”

The written lines are highlight points that creates the “must see” moments for the views in the super cool video that was nicely edited for  “Reign SUPREME” the tape 2015. No other singles followed the release of Krystal LaReign’s video that came out in March, but since then she has reached over 100 spins in the course of 6 months since her debut in Internet Hollywood in March. According to Internet Hollywood, Krystal LaReign was the only female artist in Connecticut to make it in Internet Hollywood Radio circuits back in March.

How Big Of A Deal Is 100 Spins?

Internet Hollywood radio plays music from artists upcoming and internationally known throughout the ENTIRE world. Thousands of artists are selected and voted into our circuit a committee, or by popular demand. Krystal LaReign was personally submitted for review by none other than Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega himself. Out of thousands – Krystal’s song ‘Mad was repeatedly played on Tuesday nights over 100 times. If Krystal LaReign continues to strong arm Internet Hollywood’s underground music scene she will quickly become the #1 unsigned female rapper played in Internet Hollywood radio PERIOD.

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