Krystal LaReign Leads Connecticut Female Rappers With Most Internet Hollywood Front Page Stories

krystal new 1Prince Vega – On December 15th Krystal LaReign will regain the same position that has made her an underground female powerhouse on Internet Hollywood Radio for months. After annihilating radio spins on our underground music circuits for months, she also gained the views to solidify her position as a one woman powerhouse and nobody is challenging that. LaReign is the leader in headlines when it comes to female rappers from Connecticut. She is the only female rapper from Connecticut that has been put in rotation and received over 100 spins during the fourth quarter of this year.


LaReign executing our lower radio circuits is something that will be discussed by our auto-panel on December 15th. If she enters the first quarter of next year with the same impact on our radio circuits that she has now, she will easily be nominated for an award during the pre-season in March, 2016. She has proven herself to be a lyrical assassin whenever she exercising her pen game on songs like “Mad Huh” and “Im A Boss” remix.

It’s been known that Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega has had an eye on Krystal LaReign’s work for quite sometime. They’ve been Facebook friends for years and a lot has transpired in the course of that time on both ends. Krystal may not have been the most active in music, but she continues to keep the public eyes on her through her social media pages. It wouldn’t be hard to find some pretty hot pictures of Krystal surfacing across the news feed from time to time. All we know is whenever she does get back into music she never disappoints!


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on December 15th at 8pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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