Krystal La’Reign Officially The First Female Internet Hollywood Celebrity From CT That Raps

IMG_20150220_230747 (1)Female rapper Krystal La’Reign is officially the first female rapper from Connecticut that is now officially an Internet Hollywood celebrity. The intense battle to break into our industry is a fight thousands of talented people all over the world are participating in. As our platform grows more opportunities will open up for all talented individuals that wish to pursue their careers independently. Krystal La’Reign is a lyrical female artist that puts her heart in the material she creates and for that reason she has earned a name for herself as an underground female artist. Her official debut in our universe marks the start of a new beginning for female artist in Connecticut that dreams of becoming a star in the music industry. With the power behind the promotion that comes with Krystal being an Internet Hollywood celebrity, more females in Connecticut will end up getting recognition. She is expected to dominate the Internet Hollywood radio circuit at the same capacity Baby Beretta and DynastytheGoddess is currently at this time. The two lyrical rap monsters are performing at a speed numerous female artists fail to reach through iHollywood outlets. Baby Beretta and DynastytheGoddess went at it in the Game Of Rap preseason and is expected to face off again in the month of May. Does Krystal has what it takes to survive in Internet Hollywood? Her journey inside of our world now begins!!

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