L.A. Nay believes Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ glamorizes suicide, says ‘Orange Is The New Black’ is her favorite series

T.O.T.W – Netflix is a streaming gigantic that nobody could deny is a powerful source for entertainment. Their awesome services provide a wide variety of movies and documentaries for people of all races and ethnicities. I happen to enjoy their awesome streaming services with family all of the time. So I thought it would have been really cool to get everyone else thoughts on the streaming giant that now has 98 million subscribers.


One of the first people I touched base with was a gorgeous dancer from Los Angeles that go by the name L.A. Nay. She revealed to me her favorite show on Netflix and explained why she liked the services. I attached her answers to our other questions in the short interview as well.


“I like the fact that Netflix has its own original shows. It gives me something new to watch every month. My favorite show to watch has to be Orange Is The New Black hands down.”


Internet Hollywood: Orange Is The New Black is a pretty popular show. A lot of people I know recommended I watch it. What are some series you recommend that people don’t watch on Netflix and why?


“I recommend not watching 13 Reasons Why. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible show. I just felt as thought it glamorized suicide and didn’t educate too much about.”

Internet Hollywood: I noticed some people committed suicide watching it. What do you think makes a person want to commit suicide after watching a fictional show?


“Honestly, it’s the way suicide is portrayed that could lead someone to commit suicide due to a fictional show. It’s portrayed like “oh everyone will care once I’m gone” and that’s not what people are supposed to get out of it.”


Internet Hollywood: Netflix recently lost some subscribers after seeing the”Dear White People” trailer. A great deal of people felt Netflix crossed the line with the title. Although the series is nothing like it portrays, people were really bothered by it. With that being said, do you feel that it’s appropriate for streaming giants like Netflix to continue pushing shows like that even with the outcry following it?


“Yes, I absolutely feel it’s appropriate to keep streaming it. I personally haven’t watched the show, but I watched the movie the show is based off of. The meaning behind it is powerful and well worth the watch. Lol. besides, if it’s not controversial, it’s not getting any attention.”

Netflix is currently the topic of the week in Internet Hollywood. Every week we select beautiful people like L.A. Nay to open up to us so we could get a better understanding of the things people around the world are into. We look forward to getting her thoughts on more topics in the future.



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