L.A. photographer Charrita Nelson responds to Vega’s new song “My Ambition”: “You definitely represented your coast well.”

Musicians – Los Angeles photographer Charrita Nelson expressed her thoughts after viewing the release of one of Vaughka’s latest songs ‘My Ambition’ from his Vaughka Series project that was released on Youtube in the middle of last month. She was sent the link and weighed in on the song through her husband’s account. Here is what she said.


“COME ON JUSTINNNNNN!!!! I didn’t even know you were coming with this heat. You definitely represented your coast well. Hope couldn’t help but get up and dance. Great job, loved it. This is Charrita writing, the hubby is away and I’m signed into his acct lol. Loved the positive and informational words. You locked in a lot for only 3 min!!!! Very dope, thanks for sharing.”


The premiere of the song isn’t the only thing that aired on Internet Hollywood Radio in the past. Charrita Nelson was interviewed by Vega and her interview was aired on Internet Hollywood Radio in the past as well. You could check out the song and her interview below!


~*~*Vaughka’s Song – My Ambition*~*~




~*~*Charrita’s IH Radio Interview*~*~

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