Las Vegas Model Lonnie Alex Is Now The Third Most Published Model In Internet Hollywood With 18 Stories

lonnie-alex-2Prince Vega – Lonnie Alex has entered a brand new year after an explosive 2016 that has helped her become the third most published model on Internet Hollywood. Alex also leads celebrities as the the third most published female in Internet Hollywood with 18 stories in total. She started her Internet Hollywood journey in early 2014 and has accomplished a huge amount since her debut.


One of Alex’s biggest achievement came after premiering in Bruno Mars music video ’24k Magic’ last year. The model could be seen in multiple scenes throughout the entire video jamming to the funk sound of Mars’ autotuned voice while he danced in his supercool dark shades. One of my personal favorites is Lonnie’s amazing acting when she flashed a picture of Bruno Mars while he splashed his holy blessings in a woman’s face inside of a casino. She is so good at it!


18 stories later, Lonnie is now beyond the point required to be nominated for Arlene Diaries. She has managed to keep our attention with her endless hardwork that has carried us to nearily three years! This is one of the biggest reasons she will most likely be nominated.


When talented people are nominated to be written in Internet Hollywood’s history book (Arlene Diaries) a final vote will be placed by our committee to decide which celebrities with the most rememberable moments will be added to it. Alex is a familiar name to a lot of Internet Hollywood celebrities who’d agree she has worked hard to get where she is.


Alex will also be featured in Internet Hollywood Magazine on February 14th. The stunning featured image of Lonnie Alex above was taken by Creative Visions By Michael

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