Lauren Farrington Photography takes on autumn in new trio-shoot with Isabel Vinson, Karissa Anne and Lexi Yian!

Photo Shoots – Massachusetts photographer Lauren Farrington is back heating up our front pages after we discovered some pictures from her latest photo shoot with models Isabel Vinson, Karissa Anne and Lex Yian. The photos show the independent models in a variety of different looks that gets a little darker by the picture. One of the photos from K. Bills Photography even shows Vermont model Isabel Vinson holding an ax across her right eye. That’s just one out of the bunch I’ve seen. You could see those photos by following their fan pages below.


My favorite is the ones that show all three of the models together. Although I do happen to enjoy the sight of Isabel’s brown boots kicking into the skies while she lies on the back of an old truck with a huge pumpkin next to her. For years I’ve watched her transform into the amazing model she is now and continue to find myself writing about something new she does.


Karissa Anne and Lex Yian come from a new realm I happen to find myself exploring quite often since our last party in August. Both models are extremely kick-ass girls which makes the picture above even more satisfying to my senses because of how realistic it is. They kicked ass before I met them, at the party and this photo shoot.


I don’t think anyone could hate Lauren Farrington’s magical eye. She is an amazing photographer with such a wonderful collection of photos. I highly recommend that everyone check out her work below!


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~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Lauren Farrington: Facebook – Instagram

Lex Yian: Instagram (Model) – Instagram (Makeup)

Karrisa Anne: Instagram  Facebook

Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

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