Laynie Echo brings out the fairy in her photo shoot with MCM Photography in Harkness Park

Photo Shoots – Connecticut photographer Melissa Morris has been keeping busy this year and the work hasn’t really slowed down since I last talked to her. She recently celebrated the release of a new magazine that featured her photos and sent me photos from the photo shoot as well. I definitely wish I wrote about it then but I didn’t really find the time to out of everything I was doing. That’s why I owe it to the amazing Melissa to write about her pretty cool fairy shoot with independent model Laynie Echo.


I heard about the photo shoot about a day ago when Melissa sent me the photos through messenger for the purpose of writing a story. She explained to me how they both were in communication for quite a while and had made plans of shooting but couldn’t find the right timing for it. She said after receiving images of a fairy outfit from Laynie she was able to set up a date for the photo shoot that worked. She continued to explain how the photo shoot actually came about.


“So, about a week before the proposed shoot datre, I got a call from Leah Siren asking if I was free that day, I was and she just happened to have Laynie with her and the entire fairy outfit and we jumped for it. They came over to my home in Groton and we went to Harkness Park and did a couple looks, some beachy type too, but this, this was the epic finale to a wonderful day.”


I also have some photos from the beach shoot that I plan on putting in a future story after I discuss it with Leah Siren. You could check out all of MCM Photography’s work by clicking on the highlighted link below!


~*~*More Photos*~*~


Dress Designer: @themuse1975

Wings: @Zoe_zakit 

Headpiece: Mermaid Sanctuary/ Judy Bielik

Laynie Echo: FacebookInstagram

Leah Siren: Instagram

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