Lil Wayne And Christina Milian Officially Breaks Up After Dating For Over A Year

christina and lil wayne

Prince Vega – Although nobody cares, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian is officially calling it quits after dating for over a year. The couple claims the “our-schedules-make-it-difficult” excuse is something the public will easily buy knowing that Christina Milian doesn’t have much going on for herself–but Lil Wayne. She just recently released a boom-banging music single called ‘Do It’ featuring her ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne.

Christina Milian has been trying to find the spark that’ll bring her music career back to the ‘Dip It Low’ days, but the fact remains, not many fans seem to find women Lil Wayne publicly involves himself with intimately attractive AFTER he has his run with them. They immediately assume that every female tends to use him for his popularity to have a boost in their career, or to get a free ticket to a couple million dollars. We’ve witnessed the amount of hate Lauren London went through after ending up pregnant by the Young Money boss after he blew up which damaged her career to a degree. It took a while for her to find that spark that once made her one of the most wanted females inside of the entertainment business. Christina Milian made it clear that they haven’t broken up “music-wise” and her new album is expected to be released later on this year!

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